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NEWBA is developing a proposal for the Kimmel Foundation that has a goal of developing a water balance for all or a portion of the Kimmel Orchard near Nebraska City, and to use that information to produce exhibits at the Orchard that will provide interesting educational opportunities for the many Nebraskans who visit the Orchard every year.  The Kimmel Orchard also has a well-developed training facility and this program can provide opportunities for interesting and educational field trips by K-12 classes from local and surrounding urban schools.  Many students have little or no understanding of where water comes from or how truly crucial it is to life in our state, and around the world.  The proposal is in an early stage of development and will likely include other partners yet to be determined.  If we move forward, the Kimmel Foundation will provide funding for a large portion of the project, but it would be helpful if NEWBA could also contribute.

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