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Testing Ag Performance Solutions (TAPS)

TAPS is an innovative farm learning project NEWBA is proud to be a part of through its Aquamart Initiative. Crop science is a complex set of well-timed decisions that require the best available knowledge and technology delivered at an affordable price to the grower. Navigating the constantly changing landscape of agriculture requires farmers to make choices about adopting new technology and practices to remain competitive in farming.

TAPS provides a forum to bring research to the field. It’s a low-risk opportunity for ag producers to try new technologies and practices. It provides a platform to make stronger connections between sustainable watershed management and profitable farming. Working with farmers, technology providers, ag-support industries, researchers, extension services, conservationists and regulators. The TAPS project fills a unique space in bringing folks together to better understand the complexities of each of their stakeholder positions. Water management at the farm scale is one of the greatest challenge of our state, simply because of the size and scale of ag water use. Small efficiencies at the farm scale can tip the scales with more leverage than significant efficiencies in any other water category. This is why it’s critical for the farm community to be leaders in water conservation. They have the most to lose, but they also the most to gain. TAPS is the conduit to make that happen.

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NEWBA's partnership with TAPS is in part sponsored by:

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