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Ag/urban Workshops provide a forum for all Nebraskans to share their ideas and concerns related to protecting our water resources. Bringing people together is an important step in building a shared sense of water stewardship and in improving understanding between the ag sector and urban water stakeholders. NEWBA has found the success of a Workshop depends on the engagement of local sponsors. Sponsors serve as local coordinators and help generate invitations to local ag and urban leaders.  Local sponsoring contacts include NRD managers and directors, Cooperative Extension Educators and urban water managers. Other sponsors may also emerge when Workshop locations are identified. Local ag and urban stakeholder lists are identified by the sponsors working together and invitations are extended by sponsorship team leaders. Results in the past have been excellent. Local sponsors have used the results to move forward on action items identified at the Workshop, and understanding between ag and urban stakeholders has improved. In addition, NEWBA has benefitted by gaining deeper statewide perspectives. NEWBA has developed three successful Ag-Urban Workshop events held in York, Lincoln and Plattsmouth. Sites for new events will be at different locations, depending upon local support. NEWBA requests funds to organize at least one Ag/Urban Workshop event in 2020-21.

Ag/Urban Workshops are in part sponsored by:

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