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Nebraska Water Balance Alliance Logo

We believe that innovation and broad-based collaboration are the keys to ensuring a legacy of water for the future.


We believe that all Nebraskans can participate in water solutions that safeguard our economy and quality of life. NEWBA’s work is increasingly important as new technologies emerge and the need for water accountability grows.

NEWBA’s Mission Statement:

“Encourage practical watershed management through

team-based approaches to technology, practice and community.”

NEWBA provides unique opportunities to promote practical innovations in water management technology with tested and vetted research. We maximize our impact by partnering with entities having shared goals and objectives and continuing to facilitate forums in which new ideas are presented.

To this end, we have a firm vision of what it means to sustain both the quantity and quality of water for generations. As new ideas and tools emerge, NEWBA is dedicated to evaluating how they benefit farm water management and how we can work with local communities to promote effective and efficient use.

NEWBA is currently engaged in several projects that benefit Nebraska. Please see our “Projects” page to view current projects with a promising future, and past projects that have garnered proven success. If you have a project or concept that you would like to share with us at NEWBA, please feel free to discuss this with us...we welcome collegial partnerships and the sharedness of progressive ideas!


Nebraska is an extremely unique state…

The difference in annual precipitation from the panhandle of Nebraska to Omaha (400 miles) is greater than Omaha to Washington, D.C. (1,200 miles). This means that managing Nebraska’s water is critical in sustainability. Yes, it is true that the largest portion of the Ogallala Aquifer and High Plains Aquifer is nestled under Nebraska and this is an incredible blessing…but with this abundance comes the great task to maintain and sustain safe and plentiful water for all Nebraskans.


As a result, Nebraska has continued to meet this challenge by becoming a world leader in water technology from development, manufacturing, project implementation, and boots-on-the-ground research…it is not by mistake that the four largest center pivot manufacturers call Nebraska home. Directly, the University of Nebraska’s Daugherty “Water for Food” Global Institute is headquartered here because of its relevance to Nebraska’s surface and groundwater geography.


Nebraska Water Map


Economic Impact


The Nebraska Water Balance Alliance does exactly as its name suggests. It is an “alliance” that brings like-minded people and organizations together to find common ground on water sustainability solutions. The sole purpose and driving force of the Nebraska Water Balance Alliance is to keep creating “Water for Generations.” Please click below to see the many partners to ensure this natural resource thrives in the present and endures into the future.

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