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Water Summits provide information on promising water strategies and give leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise a place where water issues and solutions can be identified, shared and evaluated. Past summits included an invited presenter panel with updates on NEWBA projects, drought strategies, and new and innovative water conservation ideas. NEWBA Summits presents a range of water management and production improvement perspectives. For example, ag producers describe unique and innovative approaches to saving water on their individual farms to improve their return on investment and cope with restrictions on water use. Researchers and academics share technical data from studies across the state. NRD employees explain the rules they are required to follow and the assistance they offer to landowners. Agricultural technology providers offer tools that provide the site-specific data that producers need in their decision-making process. Representatives from electric utilities discuss rural economies and the customers they serve. With such a diverse group, conflict might be expected, but instead, NEWBA has seen a strong interest in working together for a common goal. Programs were well received with lively discussion. Again, NPPD has provided a videographer to film the event and has edited and posted condensed programming on the NEWBA website. Supporters were asked to give feedback about what they heard and to offer suggestions for future events. 

Water Summits are in part sponsored by:

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