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NEWBA has a history of producing ag industry events that bring together a wide range of participants, including producers, technology vendors, researchers, regulators and the general public, and has supported similar events put on by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). Field Days events are open to the general public and are used to showcase water-saving farm practices and technologies. NEWBA desires to use what we’re learning from participating with producers, vendors, regulators, and on-farm research efforts to accelerate the adoption of promising practical solutions to real-world problems. Field Days are an effective mechanism to involve all parties, but it is especially focused on outreach to the general public to promote the important goal of improved

understanding between the world of ag and the community at large. 


Previous field day attendees included growers, crop consultants, rural power company representatives, bankers, vendors, NRD and NRCS personnel, academic researchers, and NEWBA Board members and staff, as well as members from the general community. Researchers and academics share technical data from studies across the state, while NRD/NRCS employees explain the rules they are required to follow and the assistance they offer to landowners. Agricultural technology providers offer tools that provide the site-specific data that producers need in their decision-making process.  Electric utilities are concerned with rural economies and the customers they serve. The programs are well received and involve much discussion and sharing of ideas. All Field Days attendees and supporters are asked to give feedback about the program and offer suggestions for future events. We seek funding to support at least one of these events.

Field Days are in part sponsored by:

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