Who doesn’t like PIE? (Planning / Implementation / Evaluation)

It is not good enough to spend time, money and human effort on buying, building and regulating water with technology.  Those tools are limited in their value without creating a shared vision of success that challenges all stakeholders to take a seat at the table.  NEWBA is a champion of a simple 3 step process that engages people of all skill sets and understanding to do their part in promoting Nebraska’s sustainable water future.


“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” (Winston Churchill)

A solid blueprint is the cornerstone of any successful endeavor.  Water is a challenging thing to plan for because of its universal need and variable availability.  To balance conservation and use, a solid plan is critical. NEWBA works with partners to find solutions that are geographically significant, practical in their implementation and easy to replicate.  Creating a template with shared goals and easy to understand actions is essential to effective water management.  Bringing groups together to find common ground and early wins helps to build to better lasting outcomes in water sustainability.

NEWBA is a strong advocate for good process in creating actionable plans from sound ideas.  Getting all stakeholder groups engaged improves the dialogue and increases the chances of success. We are committed to exploring all aspects of water sustainability management.  To do effective water conservation we need to start having more effective water conversations.



“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” (Mike Tyson)

Planning is only the prelude to doing. It isn’t good enough to just talk about water sustainability, we must work hard together to make it happen.  That means finding spots on the map to take chances and learn from our efforts.  NEWBA is a leader in small scale water conservation and management.  It is difficult at best to understand each stakeholder’s influence on a watershed, but we are committed to finding ways to do just that. Improving individual water management then aggregating those results to watershed scale is how we find lasting solutions for water sustainability in Nebraska and beyond.  Individual accountability also promotes collaborative behavior.  When a producer finds new ways to improve their water budget, the desire to share those findings is contagious.

Additionally, putting ideas into practice improves our understanding of how systems work.  It also gives people something tangible to see and learn from.


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” (Henry Ford)

Planning and implementation are incomplete without evaluation.  Learning from our actions is critical to long term success.  NEWBA wants to see a continuous Simple And Good Enough (SAGE) system of tracking that allows water users to learn from efforts of the past, efforts of others and the emergence of new ideas.  Without a commitment to quality control and assurance, water management can become stagnant and ineffective. Being brave enough to learn from your mistakes is an important step in getting to a shared vision of sustainable water management for generations to come.

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