The Panhandle is the headwaters of our state’s water supply. Conservation and effective management in western Nebraska echoes across the state and beyond. It is also the most volatile part of the state in terms of water sustainability. Variable rainfall and climate patterns challenge this part of the state more than any other and the results of this uncertainty have magnified ramifications economically, ecologically and socially.

Working together to maximize conservation and minimize impact is imperative for the future of the region. The Nebraska Water Balance Alliance (NEWBA) through its Aquamart project is joining with the Upper Niobrara/White NRD (UNWNRD) the North Platte NRD (NPNRD) and the South Platte NRD (SPNRD) to launch the Panhandle Research, Evaluation, Conservation & Integration Partnership(PRECIP)

The goal of PRECIP is to generate sustainable and measurable improvement to Nebraska’s water resources by providing value at all levels to all stakeholders.
PRECIP will establish 6 demonstration sites across the panhandle to demonstrate agricultural water management systems by

  • Hosting a series of peer to peer field days and learning networks to answer questions and promote understanding about adoption, implementation, and evaluation of all water related management practices at farm scale and their relationship to watershed health.
  • Soliciting greater understanding and involvement from:
    • Technology providers
    • Natural resource regulators
    • Research and extension
    • Non-farm water stakeholders
  • Promoting producer led monitoring systems
  • Illustrating the interaction between farm-based conservation and other water uses
  • Demonstrating the economic value of improved water management at all levels
  • Integrating farm scale water conservation into large conservation frameworks
  • Identifying knowledge gaps and research priorities in farm water management.
  • Increasing adoption and integration of farm water management into watershed sustainability planning across the three NRD’s for the benefit of all Nebraskans
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