Past Projects

Water For Generations Projects


2016-18 Aquamart is a farm based model for sustainable management

As producers become more adept at water sustainability, planning and management, Aquamart will help develop ag water performance zones across the state.

​2014 NEWBA Advanced Real Time Data Project

Building off last year’s data, improvements in real time measures included: Uniform probe calibration using the soil texture triangle, expanded use of on-farm weather stations, addition of pressure guages, improvement in customized dashboards, comparing flow meter readings to power company hours of operation.

​2013 NEWBA Real Time Data Project

Cooperating growers tested new technologies to maximize water use with telemetry that provides real time information on the amount of water a crop is using, irrigation water applied and water available in the soil profile.

Nitrogen movement in the soil was also tracked.

​2013 NEWBA 30/30 Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Study

​This study looked at optimizing water application using VRI in 30 degree sectors of a pivot while using traditional irrigation strategies in alternating Grower controlled sectors.


​2012 NEWBA Grass Roots Project

​A practical, grass-roots project testing moisture probes, ET gages and weather stations in Central and Western Nebraska.

Click to read the full report.

​2010-Today NEWBA Experimental Farm

​It all started on Roric Paulman’s Farm where he is testing a wide variety of water saving technologies and processes.

Click to read Don McCabe’s article, “The Water Monitor.”



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