Past Projects

Water For Generations Projects

​Bazille Groundwater Management Area

Water Balance isn’t just about quantity, it’s also about thoughtful stewardship of water quality for future generations. As a society we are always learning improved ways to produce the food we eat. Knowing how to produce a crop with more responsible management is on the mind of any successful farmer. Improving performance while improving water quality is value added. In Northeast Nebraska, many of the communities are faced with a growing issue of nitrate contamination in their drinking water supplies. These problems are challenging and expensive to address, so prevention is paramount where possible.

Aquamart is working with local NRDs, state and federal agencies to promote sustainable water management to address these complex issues. Working to get people the tools they need to evaluate their current water supplies, plan for their own future sustainability and to implement technologies and practices that will benefit farm profitability while protecting community water supplies. As we greet the challenges of the 21st century, knowing that we are protecting the most essential aspect of human well-being will inspire the people and communities of our state to have the confidence necessary to flourish and meet those challenges successfully.

​2014 NEWBA Advanced Real Time Data Project

Building off last year’s data, improvements in real time measures included: Uniform probe calibration using the soil texture triangle, expanded use of on-farm weather stations, addition of pressure guages, improvement in customized dashboards, comparing flow meter readings to power company hours of operation.

​2013 NEWBA Real Time Data Project

Cooperating growers tested new technologies to maximize water use with telemetry that provides real time information on the amount of water a crop is using, irrigation water applied and water available in the soil profile.

Nitrogen movement in the soil was also tracked.

​2013 NEWBA 30/30 Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Study

​This study looked at optimizing water application using VRI in 30 degree sectors of a pivot while using traditional irrigation strategies in alternating Grower controlled sectors.

​2012 NEWBA Grass Roots Project

​A practical, grass-roots project testing moisture probes, ET gages and weather stations in Central and Western Nebraska.

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​2010-Today NEWBA Experimental Farm

​It all started on Roric Paulman’s Farm where he is testing a wide variety of water saving technologies and processes.